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TfT! Tracts

Here you can freely download and print some of our tracts for distribution...

A full list of all of our literature can be found here!

2017 Calendar

‚ÄčMillion Pound Notes 

Million Dollar Notes - Brand New!

Where are they now?

Designed or not designed?

What is the meaning and purpose of life?

Is there 'Life' AFTER death?

Rapture Tract

Way of Life Bike Tract - Revamped!

Ministry Years Volume 1

Ministry Years Volume 2

Oaks Church Tract


Jesus Christ IS God!

Which One?

He Loves You Business Card

He Loves You Postcard

Money Tract

Why is our country in such a mess? 

Who Cares?

Son I never was...

Does anyone really care?

£2 Coin Coaster - Brand New!

Football Coaster - Revamped!






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