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Jesus Christ IS God - 30p

Description :
This booklet proves conclusively from the Scriptures that Jesus Christ IS God. It is a great tool to counteract the erroneous teachings of all the false cults and religions.

British Church Newspaper (Friday February 24th 2012 (No 227) edition) states...
"This booklet sets out to show from Scripture that Jesus Christ is God. Starting with 1 John 5v7 the author makes the case in detail & very effectively. He includes not only statements that assert or inescapably imply Christ’s deity but such facts as Christ’s acceptance of worship & claim to forgive sins. He concludes with the Gospel. Mr Davis expresses himself forcibly, at times very forcibly, especially in regard to the cults & also new versions of Scripture. He accuses the Church of Rome of not subscribing to the deity of Christ. Of the Authorized Version he says “God has given us a PERFECT BIBLE in ENGLISH!” He adds “The Authorized Version of the Bible is 100% absolutely PERFECT & PURE”. In his recommended reading he includes a book by Dr Ruckman. Mr Davis succeeds well in his main purpose which is to demonstrate that Scripture declares Christ to be God. He makes other, more controversial statements in passing."

Jesus Christ IS God - 30p
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