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TfT! Order Form

To order any tracts/literature from us please visit our brand new web shop or fill in our Time for Truth order form on either:

Excel copy (with images) - new order form

Word version (without images) - new order form


Please make all cheques payable to John Davis and NOT Time for Truth!

Alternatively you can send funds via PayPal to [email protected]

Photo Tract Name Cost
Where are they now? 8p
Designed or not designed? 8p
What is the meaning and purpose of life? 10p
Is there 'life' after death? 10p
Rapture Tract 7p
Bike Tract 8p
Who's your favourite superhero? 8p
Does anyone really care? 3p
The son I never was… 3p
Who Cares? 3p
Why is our country in such a mess? 3p
Life then Eternity 14p
It's Your Choice 17p
You Asked the Question 28p
Jesus Christ IS GOD 33p
Yellow He Loves You (Business Card) 2p
Yellow He Loves You (Postcard) 3p
Red He Loves You (Business Card) 2p
Red He Loves You (Postcard) 3p
Money Tract 3p
When do you become a Christian? 4p
May I leave a tip? 5p
Which One? 5p
Football Coaster 5p
£2 Coin Coaster 5p
Million Dollar Bank Note 3p
Million Pound Bank Note (Big Ben) 3p
Million Pound Bank Note (Wesley) 3p
2018 Calendar 20p
Christian Soldier's Battle Notes £14.99
The Ministry Years: Volume One £20.00
The Ministry Years: Volume Two £25.00
The Ministry Years: Volume Three £18.00

Dog Tags (2 Tim 2v3+4)

FOC with Christian Soldier's Battle Notes)


Personalised Dog Tags

(choose your own wording)

Silver Gospel Coin - John 3v16 30p
Silver Gospel Coin - 1 John 5v12 30p
Gold Coloured Gospel Coin - 1 John 5v12 50p
Gold Plated Gospel Coin - 1 John 5v12 £2.00
.005 Bible Pens £1.50



Please also note - We respect your privacy, and your email address and/or contact information will not be sold, distributed, rented, or in any way given out to a third party.

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