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Welcome to The Oaks Church in Harvington




The Oaks Church in Harvington was set up in October 2008.

We are a non-denominational church and meet at the Oaks Community Hall (hence the name!!!)

Service Times:

House Group Every Friday at 7:30pm (For more details, please call 07958 489994 or contact [email protected])

Every Sunday at 10.30am.

Time to Regroup! Bible Conference on the last Sunday of each month at 11:00am. (Next Conference is on 30.01.21)

Please contact [email protected] for more details.


Postcode for Sat Navs: DY10 4NS

What you will find if you visit Oaks…    
  • A warm welcome!
  • A non-compromising group of Christians that seek the TRUTH.
  • A church that bases all its teaching and preaching upon the Authorized Version Bible.
  • Sincerity and honesty.
  • A reverence for the Lord.
  • An opportunity to worship the Lord and remember all He has done for us.
  • Interactive studies/debates/discussions.
  • A congregation with a heart for evangelism; we not only meet for worship and Bible study twice a week together, but seek to live out our Christian life on a daily basis when we are out in the world, whether in secular employment/at university etc.
  • A group of Christians who are seeking a closer walk/relationship with the Lord.
  • Enthusiasm and excitement about the Lord and studying His word.
  • A church that has a Final Authority to turn to in every situation.
  • A church that has a leader who earnestly seeks to preach the truth and encourage, build-up, teach etc. the congregation. He will not hold-back in order not to offend.
  • Preaching about Hell, Judgment, the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, False Cults, Living for the Lord, Life, the Rapture, etc.
  • Christians who truly love the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Faithfulness.

We are serious about our faith!

We often meet outside of church to distribute tracts and Christian literature, including our Oaks Church leaflet!

We realise our days on earth are short and we must not waste time.

In comparison, you will NOT find...

  • A band with a worship leader! Oftentimes an opportunity for 'Chirstians' to show off their talent and seek the glory for themselves!
  • A stage/platform for a smooth-talking 'preacher' to air his views and tell stories! Oftentimes seen these days as an entertainer.
  • A host of Bible versions. We only use the Authorized Version!
  • Cliques - where you feel you don't belong or fit in!
  • Apathy.
  • Women preachers; we aim to obey the Scriptures.
  • A group of 'modern-day Christians' who are only interested in the social aspect of church life.
  • A Wii, a television, or a Playstation!
  • Competition among the congregation.
  • Gossiping and backbiting.
  • Religion!
  • A church membership form to fill in.

So, if you too love the Lord and His word, are seeking to grow in your Christian walk, are keen to learn more, are concerned about reaching others with the Gospel and want an opportunity to share the Scriptures and talk in depth ... Oaks is for you!


If you are happy to compromise your faith, don't find the Bible 'interesting' and don't read it from one week to the next, go to church just out of duty, don't want to submit to the truth of the Scriptures or want a nice little social gathering, stay where you are!!!

Why not evaluate your own Christian walk and think seriously about your relationship with the Lord. Have you got into a rut and your church-going has become just a routine; something you've done for years? It can and does happen!

Come and visit us!

You know what to expect!


Are you ready for the challenge???


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