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    Romans 10v9+10+13 - 'That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.'


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     Study 60: Romans 8v8-12
    1. How to please the Lord. 2. Only in Christ can a man fulfil the purpose for which he was created. 3. An unsaved man in the flesh cannot please God. 4. In the flesh vs. in the Spirit. 5. You are a living man in a dead body. 6. The flesh only brings you trouble. 7. You owe the flesh nothing!
     Watch out for these...beware!
    1. Sound doctrine to convince the gainsayers. 2. Private interpretation vs interpreting in context. 3. Spiritual things with spiritual - Scripture with Scripture. 4. Isolating Scriptures and pulling them out of context results in heresy. 5. Be careful who you follow. 6. Is it Breaking of Bread, The Lord's Supper or Communion? 7. Water baptism has nothing to do with your salvation.
     Luke 12
    1. Why don't we see large crowds coming to church? 2. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees! 3. Hypocrites are 'actors!' Are you one? 4. Do you examine yourself? Do you pretend to be someone you're not? 5. You can't hide anything from the Lord! 6. You are accountable for the way you live! 7. How much of your life have you wasted... are you wasting? 8. What scares you, what do you fear?
     Study 21: Revelation 6v7-9
    1. All Hell breaks loose! 2. The depth of Ruckman! 3. Can you see the mercy of God even in Hell? 4. The worm in Hell! 5. The soul is bodily shaped! 6. The last form of capital punishment in thee Tribulation!
     Study 59: Romans 8v7+8
    1. The hardest fight you have is with your flesh! 2. Are you carnally minded? 3. What kind of music do you listen to? 4. What kind of music do you think a Christian should be listening to? 5. What you think and feel is right, may often be wrong! 6. Do not teach your opinion as fact!
     Study 58: Romans 8v4-6
    1. The flesh and Spirit - it's a fight 24/7. 2. Are you too wrapped 'in the world?' 3. Are you a faithful, committed Christian? 4. Do you serve the Spirit or the flesh? 5. Are you a typical worldly Christian? 6. Are you a 'part-time' lukewarm Christian?
     We live in a land full of sin!
    1. We live in a different world from the days of John Wesley. 2. What does the Bible say about the world we live in today? 3. What ministry are you involved in? 4. What work are you doing for the Lord? 5. What impact are you having on those around you? 6. How can you keep pure in such a sinful world? 7. Are you a Christian that can be counted on?
     Study 24: Galatians 6v14-18 (The End)
    1. What attraction does the world hold for you? 2. Are you captivated by its bright lights etc? 3. You're either IN Christ or outside of Him. 4. The four aspects of the cross. 5. You're a new creature. 6. The marks on Paul's body compared to tattoos of today.
     Hebrews 11v1-6
    1. Enoch pleased God, do you? 2. Is your testimony to please God? 3. Are you pleasing God with your Christian walk? 4. Do you diligently seek after God? 5. Are you serious about your Christian life?
     Lord, you know me!
    1. No one knows or understands us like the Lord. 2. Who have you offended lately? 3. Have you caused any contention? 4. Are you wrong? 5. Lord... you really do know me don't you!
     Study 23: Galatians 6v11-13
    1. Paul's 'large' letter - amanuensis. 2. Paul's thorn in the flesh. 3. Who gets the glory in old age. 4. Fighting that old flesh again and again and again and again...
     Dead to the world!
     Study 22: Galatians 6v3-7-10
    1. You reap what you sow, good or bad. 2. Are you sowing to the flesh or to the Spirit? 3. Are you really living for the Lord in everything? 4. Are you taking the opportunities that you're given? 5. What kind of Christian are you?
     Study 21: Galatians 6v3-6
    1. You are nothing... and neither am I. 2. Christians should not be arrogant. 3. We should not be in competition with each other. 4. Prove your own work. 5. Carrying burdens. 6 Using what the Lord gives you.
     Study 20: Galatians 6v1+2
    1. If a man be overtaken in a fault! 2. How do you take criticism and correction? 3. How do you correct others? 4. We have many burdens to carry, but do we also carry each other's? 5. The Law of Christ is superior to Moses' Law!
     The Judgment Seat of Christ
    By John Turner
     Study 20: Revelation 6v3-6
    1. The second beast! 2. War and killings in Jacob's Trouble/Daniel's 70th week like never before! 3. WW2, WW1, Vietnam and the Rwandan Genocide! 4. The third beast! 5. War followed by starvation! 6. There are THREE world wars TO COME!
     Study 19: Galatians 5v22-26
    1. Fruitfulness and the number 9. 2. What fruit do you bear in your own Christian life, if any. 3. Peace can only come through blood. 4. Have you crucified the flesh. 5 Who do you envy and why.
     Study 18: Galatians 5v16-21
    1. The 'Flesh vs Spirit' - it's a constant battle 24/7. 2. What kind of Christian are you? 3. Do you live for the Lord or are you just a nominal Christian? 4. Emulations and Heresies! 5. Will you have an inheritance in the Millennium?
     The Fundamentals of the faith!
    1. Doctrine vs Doctrines! 2. Why don't Christians agree on doctrine? 3. Give examples of doctrines that Christians disagree on? 4. Give me a doctrine that you are personally passionate about? 5. What are YOUR fundamentals of the faith?


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