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    It is packed with Scripture & covers many topics e.g. The Holy Bible, Understanding the Scriptures, knowing God's will for your life, Eternal Security, Errors of Calvinism, Errors of Hyper-Dispensationalism, & Errors of the Post-Tribulation Rapture, God's not finished with Israel, Matthew 24, signs, wonders, tongues & healings, marriage, divorce & remarriage plus much more!

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    As we have a cutting edge to our ministry, we often get people who want to ‘fight & argue’ (not that we can’t handle that) but we don’t have the time! So if you have found us just so you can start up an argument, please log-off now & go play somewhere else!

    May the Lord help us all to do the work which He has called us to do before it’s too late.

    The Lord bless you,

    John E. Davis

    Romans 10v9+10+13 - 'That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.'



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     Study 18: Ecclesiastes 5v1-2
    1. Are you a good listener? You ought to be! 2. Do you go to church prepared? 3. The 'sacrifice of fools'. 4. Are you rash with your mouth, promise things you don't keep? 5. That dreaded unruly tongue - you can't tame it!
     Study 17: Ecclesiastes 4v13-16
    1. You can have nothing and land up in Heaven. 2. You can have everything and land up in Hell. 3. You need wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 4. Oftentimes the son of a 'good' man is never 'as good'. 5. Are you having an impact on peoples lives?
     Psalm 84
    1. What do you really long for? 2. What do you want out of life? 3. Can you, are you, living out 1 John 2v15-17? 4. Isn't the Lord enough for you? 5. Is there something wrong with your Christian walk?
     Study 16: Ecclesiastes 4v7-12
    1. Staying single or getting married - what is right? 2. Being alone in life. 3. Your eye isn't satisfied with riches, or is it... are you content? 4. The advantages of working in two's. 5. The Lord should be in the centre of your entire life, but is He?
     Study 15: Ecclesiastes 4v1-6
    1. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. 2. Better to have never been born. 3. Absolute standards and a final authority. 4. Where to go for truth. 5. Don't work, don't eat. 6. Too lazy, too busy, both are wrong.
     Study 63: Romans 8v16-18
    1. The Spirit 'itself'... oh dear! 2. The motive behind Bible 'correctors' 3. Once saved always saved. 4. What do you know about suffering? 5. Longing to meet the Lord at the Rapture. 6. Don't get attached to 'things'
     Study 14: Ecclesiastes 3v12-22
    1. Without God in your life 'everything' is futile. 2. Everything God does is perfect. 3. The Judgment Seat of Christ OR the Great White Throne. 4. We all age & we all die. 5. What are you doing with your life?
     TfT Music CD
    25 hymns
     Study 13: Ecclesiastes 3v8-11
    1. ... a time to hate; a time of war and a time of peace. 2. Set the 'world' OR eternity in their hearts?
     Roman Catholicism - Part Four
    1. Christianity & Roman Catholicism are different. 2. Reasons why I am NOT a Roman Catholic. 3. Why water baptism CANNOT save you. 4. Why water baptism is NOT part of your salvation. 5. Christians do NOT pray to Mary. 6. The ERRORS of Roman Catholicism. 7. The Lord Jesus Christ & the Pope contrasted.
     Study 25: Revelation 7v9-17
    1. The word 'tribulation' doesn't always mean Jacob's Trouble. 2. Those under the altar in Rev 6 are now found in the 3rd Heaven in Rev 7. 3. Who is wearing the white robes? 4. Salvation is different in Rev 7v14 cf. Rev 1v5 - see the difference? 5. Why the multitude in Rev 7v9+15 can't be Church Age Saints. 6. Tears in Heaven!
     Study 12: Ecclesiastes 3v7-8
    ... a time to speak, a time of love...
     Study 11: Ecclesiastes 3v7
    A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.
     Roman Catholicism - Part Three
    1. Why I'm NOT a Roman Catholic - it's the Devil's religion. 2. Idolatry, prayers to Mary and the Saints, what does Justification mean and when are you Justified. 3. The Roman Catholic Church never changes. 4. Kissing the Pope's feet!
     Study 62: Romans 8v13-15 again
    1. Some excellent cross references for Rom 8v13. 2. Pentecostal and charismatic FAKES and LIARS. 3. The bondage of the Law. 4. There is no salvation by keeping and obeying the Law. 5. There is no assurance of salvation by keeping the Law. 6. Adoption.


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