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Donna Davis

A Brief Introduction

Hi, my name is Donna Marie Davis. I was born on 7th January 1971 in Kidderminster where I have lived for the majority of my life. I was brought up to go to Sunday School and enjoyed singing in the C of E choir. I then went to a Pentecostal church and at the age of 13 got ‘saved’! Before this time I guess I enjoyed church because of the singing, I had always enjoyed singing in the school choir too! Also, I remember having toast and marmalade in the hall after the service, it was very good!!! Even though the church was a big part of my life, often going 5 times a week, I can’t really say I remember being taught much about the Bible or living a sanctified life. However, I am glad that my background and upbringing was as it was as I’m thankful it kept me away from other attractions in the world and I’m sure from many hurtful and harmful situations and experiences.

So life went on; one unforgettable ‘happening’ at the Pentecostal church, which I’m indebted and so thankful to the Lord for, is meeting my husband John. John was saved at this church! We have been together since we were 18 and married for 17 years. The Lord brought us together and we have enjoyed life’s journey thus far. We have had an exciting life and are very grateful to the Lord for each day we spend together. We have sought to serve the Lord and always pray for the Lord to open and close doors according to His will, to lead and to guide us in every decision we make. We know the safest place to be is in the Lord’s will!

We have been able to serve the Lord together in a variety of ways; much has been focussed on evangelism and reaching the lost. We have been involved with street work, literature distribution, working amongst the homeless and drug addicts in hostels and missions, worked with youngsters in schools and with the elderly coming to the end of their earthly lives in nursing homes. We took a Bible class for ‘youth’ and a ‘Friday club’ for many years and started a Discipleship Group for the young people who were seeking a deeper walk with the Lord and an opportunity to ‘dig-deeper’ into the Scriptures. This time together was very interactive and has helped us all in so many ways.

Alongside our Christian journey, we set up a ministry called Time for Truth! We produce a bi-monthly newsletter, Time for Truth News! (available free of charge on request!). John has also written a variety of tracts and booklets. Also, in October 2008 we started Oaks Community Church – see Oaks for more details and times of services etc.

We have a great team we work and share our ministry with. Dee and Toy have not only been a part of our ministry and a tremendous asset to the team but very much a part of our lives now for 11 years and we have built up a great friendship together.

We seek to support missionaries where we can and in particular our Time for Truth! team member Lordson Roch in India.

I am realising more and more how life without the Lord is just vanity; totally purposeless and futile. Just an existence rather than real living! Without the Lord in your life, you will never know satisfaction, peace, fulfilment etc. There will always be a void and nothing or no-one will ever fill it!

The Lord and His word are totally trustworthy and I would urge you to stop where you are in life and take time out to consider your eternal destination. Your life on earth is just a vapour.

I pray that you will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and that you and I together can make a difference in this world. Don’t just drift through life aimlessly and go along with the flow!

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