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ERRORS of Post-Trib

Mid & Post Trib Rapture NUTS! (Issue 73 page 19)

If the church, which is His Body (Col 1v24, Eph 1v22+23, Eph 5v29+30), was to go through the Tribulation, that would mean God is pouring out His wrath (Eph 5v6, 1 Thes 1v10, Rev 6v16, Rev 16v1) upon His own Body!  How mad is that!  The Church, which is His Body will NOT go through any part of the Tribulation!  We are Raptured OUT before it starts! (1 Thes 4v13-18) hence why we can COMFORT ONE ANOTHER WITH THESE WORDS!  Try to find the Church between chapters 4 & 21 in the Book of Revelation… It isn’t there!  Rev 4-20 describes the Tribulation on earth & the church is NOT there!  How clear can you get?  If someone tells you you’re going to go through the Tribulation, just start whistling ‘If you’re happy & you know it…’ & then CLAP YOUR HANDS!!!


POST-Trib Heretics! (Issue 74 page 18)

If you are a Christian, you are part of the BODY of Christ, you are part of the BRIDE of Christ!  (1 Cor 12v27, Eph 4v12, Rom 7v4, Eph 5, Rev 19v7-9)  Therefore the Lord Jesus Christ would NOT pour out His wrath upon HIS BRIDE!!!  Therefore the Church will NOT go through the Tribulation!  Also, if a Christian was going to go through the Tribulation & he took the Mark of the Beast, that means he would LOSE his salvation & a Christian CANNOT lose his salvation, as we are SEALED by the Holy Spirit -  Eph 1v13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,  Eph 4v30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.  The Christian is IN the Body of Christ & there is NO ‘amputation’ in the Body of Christ! 


Bob Mitchell and the Post Trib Heresy (Issue 75 page 24-25)

Bob Mitchell calls ‘his cruncher’ (he’s a little ‘darlin’ aint he!) that Jesus said to Peter the following… John 21v18 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, When thou wast young, thou girdedst thyself, and walkedst whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not.  This spake he, signifying by what death he should glorify God. And when he had spoken this, he saith unto him, Follow me.  Now just to show you how shallow old Bob-the-BOOB is, follow me through…  One thing that old Bobby doesn’t understand is that God knows EVERYTHING!  God KNOWS who will get saved & who won’t, YET, He gives us a FREEWILL to choose!  Now let me break it down in bite sizes for poor old Bobby as the few teeth he has left, may not be able to cope with the STRONG MEAT of the word of God (Heb 5v12-14)  Now if Bob-the-BOOB played chess with the Lord, the Lord would KNOW every move that old Bob-the-BOOB would make & therefore would win the game!  Old Bobby could change his mind a million times, YET the Lord would KNOW that he would make THAT move!  Capiche?  Now let us turn to Acts 7 with this in mind!  Acts 7v55+56 But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God,  And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.  Question one – WHY was God standing?  If you think it was to receive Stephen, then not all your branches go to the top of the tree!  I mean, imagine if Jesus stood for EVERY Christian soul that died; He’d be up & down like a ‘yoyo!’  You see what we have here in Acts 7 is a readiness for the SECOND ADVENT that would have triggered Daniel’s 70th Week ‘IF’ the NATIONAL response would have been acceptance of Stephen’s words & REPENTANCE (Acts 3v19) towards God!  Deut 21v1-9 would have gone into action, the RAPTURE would have taken place (Ps 50v4, S o S 2v10, Isa 26v19 etc.), JUDAS would have come UP from the pit (Acts 1v25 & comments in RRB), & the covenant between Rome & Israel would have been signed (Dan 9v27, Dan 11v27+30).  The ‘Body’ may have remained an ‘unrevealed’ mystery (something the Hyper-Diapers DON’T understand STILL!), depending upon whether or not God decided to reveal it.  It was ALREADY a JEW-GENTILE body which is apparent from Acts 2v10 & Acts 6v1 (something again the Hyper-Diapers DON’T understand!)  Now sadly this is too DEEP for Bob-the-BOOB, hence why he teaches his shallow ‘POST-Trib’ heresy (it’s an easy cop-out like teaching Calvinism, i.e. it doesn’t take much study to confuse ‘children!’)

Now Bob-the-BOOB (is he a Calvinist? – I guess he is regarding the sources he keeps referring to!) follows CALVIN’S ERRORS regarding Acts 7 & the concept of ‘eternal decrees’, for some of them are FLEXIBLE & can be adjusted to meet the situation WITHOUT CONTRADICTING ONE FORMER DECREE OR ONE FORMER OATH!  Go back to the game of CHESS!!!  Bob doesn’t get that because it is too DEEP for him!  But this BLOWS his theory of Peter’s ‘death’ out of the English Channel!  WHY?  Because IF (did you get that ‘IF!’) Daniel’s 70th Week would have started because of the acceptance of Stephen’s words & the REPENTANCE of the nation of Israel (i.e. they accepted Jesus as THE MESSIAH!) then Paul’s letters would have NOT been written & therefore neither would the Book of John, as this was written AFTER Paul’s letters, you would NOT have read John 21v18!!!!!!!  Capiche?  And that dear friends, is Bob’s ‘Cruncher!’  It is as ‘crunchy’ as a bowl of ‘crunchy-nut-cornflakes’ & is NO MEAL FOR A MAN!  Bob is a fully fledged BOOB!  It also means that Stam & Bullinger (the Hyper-Diaper’s ‘gods!’) are also in ERROR because a Rapture HERE would NOT have affected the ‘mystery of the revelation’ of that BODY (see comments on Eph 3v1-5 in RRB) but the time of revelation hardly matches the time of INSTITUTION (see comments on Gen 2v13 in RRB).  But more than that, the great dispensational shift here is screened from the eyes of 98% of the major commentators & revisers including all the Hyper-Diapers, Calvinists & POST-Tribbers!

POST-Tribbers only see ONE ‘general’ Rapture rather than the Scriptural THREE!  Remember those ‘tomato’ plants?  I.e. First-Fruits (OT saints Mat 27), Harvest (1 Thes 4, 1 Cor 15) & Gleanings (Tribulation saints Rev 11)  They confuse the Harvest with the ‘Gleanings!’ 

The Rapture described in 1 Thes 4 differs from that which occurs at the end of the Tribulation.  THIS ONE occurs BEFORE the Tribulation (Rev 4v1) since the Tribulation is THE TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE (Jer 30v7) NOT the Church’s!  The COMFORT of 1 Thes 4v18 is the prospect of MISSING the WRATH that accompanies ‘the day of the Lord’ – 1 Thes 5v1-9.  Facing salvation based on your own righteousness & martyrdom (Rev 7v14 cf. Rev 1v5), & the possibility of taking the Mark of the Beast & LOSING your salvation (Rev 14v9-12) is NO COMFORT AT ALL!  The Rapture in 1 Thes 4 is the Rapture of those IN CHRIST (v16) – the Church, the Body of Christ (Eph 1v1-23).  In the Tribulation, saved people are in TWO ‘bodies’ (Rev 7v4+9), NOT ONE (Eph 4v4).  The Rapture in 1 Thes 4 occurs at ‘the TRUMP of God’ (v16) NOT the ‘trumpet’ sounded by the 7th angel in Rev 11v15!  (See note on 1 Cor 15v52 in RRB)  POST-Trib HERETICS muddle all of this up & mix all the Raptures up!  They do this because they do NOT study the Scriptures & rightly DIVIDE them!  Instead, they read books ABOUT the Bible & follow Calvinistic authors – DEADLY for spiritual growth & correct interpretation! 

There is NOT ONE SINGLE ‘righteous’ man in Scripture where God directly poured out His judgment upon him!  Why then would God pour out His judgments upon His bride during the Tribulation? He won’t!  He will deliver His bride BEFORE the judgments start to fall!

John Davis is looking for the Lord Jesus Christ!  Bob-the-BOOB is looking for the ANTI-Christ!  It’s as simple as that!

Little-Bobby, in order to try to prove his HERESY will run back to the Church ‘Fathers’ & ‘THE Greek’ (to which there ISN’T one!)  Of course he DOESN’T speak Greek & he DOESN’T tell you WHICH Greek text he is referring to out of the 100+ available, but that doesn’t bother the FALSE teacher at all!  Oh & by the way Booby, how do you KNOW ‘the Greek’ is CORRECT?  He’ll run everywhere & anywhere to try to prove his HERESY because he is very UNSKILLED in the Scriptures themselves, as he has NO FINAL AUTHORITY!  He is a very poor student of the word of God!  Another mistake old-Booby makes is that he doesn’t understand the different meanings regarding the Day of the Lord & the Day of Christ! (see his video 19:55 in!  He just CHANGES the Scripture to suit his HERESY!  Now old Bobby has become a Bible CORRECTOR!  Bible ‘correctors’ will change ANYTHING to teach their FALSE doctrines of Devils!)  Because of this, he gets in a muddle all over the place trying to ‘ram’ Scriptures into his FALSE teaching!  He runs to different VERSIONS & Greek ‘scholars’ of the Bible to teach his HERESY e.g. he quotes from Goodspeed, Moffatt, Fausett, Swete, Zahn, Beckwith, Alexander Reese, Robert Gendry ‘ANYTHING & ANYONE’ BUT THE SCRIPTURES!  Anyone who keeps running back to ‘The Greek’ (there isn’t one!) or other ‘bible-PERVERSIONS’ is trying to teach a FALSE DOCTRINE!  Remember that!  You have the PERFECT BIBLE IN ENGLISH!  You DON’T need ANY Greek or ANY other ‘bible!’  Bob-the-BOOB is grasping at anything because he is a sinking ship!

Bob the deluded fool, also makes this statement regarding Mat 24 & I quote… “I know folks say that Matthew 24 is talking to Jews, my question is, when wasn’t he talking to Jews, Jesus lived in Israel, it’s where Jews lived, the exception would be for him not to be speaking to Jews!”  Now that is the kind of LAME & SHALLOW statement you get from a guy who DOESN’T know or understand the DISPENSATIONAL teaching of the word of God!  I suppose Bobby thinks the SIGN-gifts are in operation today too!  Another mistake darling Bobby makes is that he insinuates that the TWO Witnesses of Revelation could be Enoch & Elijah!  If Enoch is one of them, then God has made a mistake in His word!  It is Moses & Elijah!  But why should Bob get that right, he hasn’t got ANYTHING correct so far!  All he has done is DISTORT & MISAPPLY the Scriptures, to teach his HERESY!  But no worries folks, WE won’t be going through the Tribulation, so all he has done really is waste the time that God has given him to evangelise the world (although he hasn’t tracted his own STREET I guarantee you!) in ‘debating’ a subject that he knows very little about!  Old Bob-the-BOOB’S ‘delusions of grandeur’ are ‘greater’ than I thought!  Here in this photo you can see how big the fish was that he caught last week in Southend-on-Sea!!! 

Another ERROR Bobby makes is that he thinks the word ‘saints’ ONLY refers to ONE set of ‘believers!’  He misses that the word ‘elect’ has FIVE different meanings too – is Bob-the-BOOB a Calvinist?  He doesn’t believe that ONE word can have more than one meaning!  Oh dear, & there’s ME calling Bob a ‘BOOB!!!’  Because of this, Bobby muddles up the DIFFERENT ‘kingdoms!’  He also doesn’t understand the DIFFERENT meanings of the word ‘SAVED,’ not only this, he also gets his ‘trumpets’ all mixed up & doesn’t understand the difference between a TRUMP & a TRUMPET!

He’s better with BONGOS to be honest! 

Salvation is DIFFERENT ‘before’ the Tribulation, DURING the Tribulation & AFTER the Tribulation – again, something that old Booby just can’t grasp!  If the Church, the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ ENTERED the Tribulation, that would mean that MEMBERS of HIS Body could LOSE their salvation, something which we know is IMPOSSIBLE for those who are ‘IN’ Christ to ever get ‘out’ of Christ!  But this is too much for dear old Bobby! 

Another blunder Bobby makes is that he thinks that KEEPING the Commandments PLUS faith in Christ SAVES you!  Oh dear Bobby, now you are teaching that faith PLUS WORKS saves us!!!  Oh dear oh dear oh dear!  IS Bobby saved?  Is Bobby a 7th Day Adventist?  Is Bobby a Calvinist?  What on earth ‘IS’ dear old Bobby?  If you follow someone who is as shallow as this guy, you’ll end up sitting in the corner of a room humming, shaking & saying things like ‘It’s a possum mother, it’s a possum!’ 

Bobby also quotes another Bible ‘corrector’ by the name of Jacob Prasch to ‘prove’ his HERESY!  Poor old Jacob Prasch has been DESTROYED by Dr Alan O’Reilly!  Dear Alan, just took old Jacob apart piece by piece!  You can read all about it here – Prasch, like all Bible ‘correctors’ has NO ‘perfect’ Final Authority!


Why anyone would follow a Bible ‘corrector’ I just can’t understand, but life goes on & so does a song, you gotta let them…

Dear old Bob-the-BOOB sums up his ‘debate’ (although he never shows his opponents & the other side of the debate, I wonder why!!!  YOU KNOW!) by sta-ting that his wife read the Bible without any pre-conceived ideas (MY LEFT BOOT!) & said she believes in the POST-Trib ‘HERESY’ too!  ‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee’ comes to mind!!!

Now to sum up the Johnny Davis way…  Bob-the-BOOB is a MORON as we have unequivocally PROVEN!  He is a fully fledged idiot when it comes to understanding the Scriptures!  Apart from that, his ‘delusions of grandeur’ are getting bigger!  His latest ‘debate’ was a complete waste of 48 minutes of my life, BUT, one thing it did do, I must confess, it PROVED to me what an IDIOTIC & SATANIC DOCTRINE the POST-Tribulation HERESY is!  Bob’s presentation PROVED to me without a shadow of a doubt, that the PRE-Tribulation Rapture is 100% CORRECT & his shallow teaching doesn’t rock my boat at all!

Fair play to you Bob, the Lord used you to prove to us Bible BELIEVERS, that PRE-Trib makes PERFECT sense!  Now be a good boy & roll over & go to sleep (Note that ‘sleep’ also has more than ONE meaning in the Scriptures! I mean it in the ‘good’ sense darling!)  Now, if you stick your ugly head above the parapet again, I will again knock your false teeth out!  Capiche?

POST-Trib-DUMMIES – i.e. Bob-the-BOOB & Steve AnderSNAKE etc.  Here is a list of just a few of their ERRORS! (Issue 75 page 29)

Here are just a few of the ERRORS that POST-Trib-Muppets make e.g. Steven SNAKE-Anderson, Bob-the-BOOB-Mitchell etc.

They think Matthew 24 is IN the New Testament!  Get it?  If not READ Heb 9v16+17.  Mat 24 is still IN the Old Testament!  Mat 24 is DIRECTED to Jews NOT Christians!  Post-Trib-Imbeciles think the elect (i.e. JEWS) in Mat 24 is the Body of Christ being ‘gathered!’  Now this gross misrepresentation of Scripture is beyond belief!  They couldn’t RIGHTLY divide that Book if their life depended on it!  All POST-Tribbers do is WRONGLY divide the word of God!  ‘Stevey & Bobby’ are just novices who are very shallow in their Bible knowledge – follow them at your peril!

Regarding Mat 24 where are the DEAD IN CHRIST?  They are NOT there because the two events are DIFFERENT!  The Rapture & the Second Advent are NOT the same!

Steve AnderSNAKE thinks that HE (i.e. the church) has replaced the JEWS – that’s a SATANIC doctrine!

AnderSNAKE thinks that 1 Thes 4 & 1 Thes 5 are BOTH talking about the Second Coming when they are NOT!  One is talking about the Rapture & the other is the Second Coming!  The Day of the Lord is NOT the Rapture!

Steven AnderSNAKE also says that God’s ‘wrath’ is NOT poured out during the Tribulation, he goes on to say that the Tribulation has ‘nothing’ to do with God’s ‘wrath!’  (He really is a melon head isn’t it!)

Post-Trib-HERETICS think that Acts 14v22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. Is talking about Jacob’s Trouble!  I mean NUTS man, wild as you can get!  This just shows yet again, that taking a TEXT out of CONTEXT = a PRETEXT!  Post-Tribbers do it all the time!  Post-Trib-HERETICS think that God pours out His wrath on His OWN ‘BODY’ during the Tribulation!  Mitchell & AnderSNAKE are nuttier than a pecan pie!

Post-Tribbers can’t find the Rapture in Rev 4, where it is seen so clearly!  The reason being is because they read the Scriptures with ‘preconceived ideas’ & therefore the Lord has quit giving them REVELATION because they haven’t accepted what He has already shown them!  That is why you’ll never grow as a Christian under a POST-Tribbers-HERETICAL-ministry! 

Not ONCE in the Scriptures are you ever told to look for the Tribulation!  You are to look for the Lord Jesus Christ!

The word TRUMP is connected with the Rapture (It only appears twice in Scripture – 1 Cor 15v52 & 1 Thes 4v16) Note BOTH the Scriptures are found in RAPTURE passages!  The word ‘trumpet’ is connected with the Second Advent!  If you confuse the two like the POST-Trib-HERETICS do, you’ll never understand WHEN Jesus Christ is coming!  The POST-Tribbers are looking for the Tribulation, the Anti-Christ, peace treaties etc. etc.  Bible Believers are looking for JESUS CHRIST!

Another error POST-Tribbers make is that they confuse a Rapture of the TRIBULATION SAINTS with the Rapture of the Body of Christ!  They do this because they don’t understand that there is more than ONE Rapture in the Scriptures!

Steve AnderSNAKE thinks that Jacob’s Trouble is just one SINGLE ‘day!’  That’s what a NUT this punk kid is!  He’s MAD!

If you do NOT read the Scriptures DISPENSATIONALLY you will NEVER be able to RIGHTLY ‘divide’ them & that is why there are so many Christians teaching HERESY in the church today e.g. Calvinism, ‘Tongues & Healings’ for today, the Church will go through Jacob’s Trouble etc. This all comes about by NOT teaching the Scriptures DISPENSATIONALLY!

All those who are drips, & cannot understand the Rapture doctrine, would you please raise your hands!  I see your hand Steven, thank you!


AnderSNAKE even says that Revelation 19 is NOT the Second Coming!  Eh?  Sorry son?  Do you really class yourself as a pastor?  He is as much a ‘pastor’ as Adolf Hitler (notice a similar salute there!!!)  No, AnderSNAKE is certainly NOT a pastor, he’s a novice (1 Tim 3v6), yet worse than that, he really is an enemy of the Jew (just like Hitler was…interesting!) & he is a CURSE on the Body of Christ!  All I am doing folks is WARNING you about this EVIL doctrine called the POST-Tribulation-Rapture, as it is getting YOU to take your eyes off LOOKING for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!  It is an EVIL ANTI-Scriptural doctrine, taught by novices who cannot understand or rightly DIVIDE the Scriptures!

God has NOT finished with Israel & the Jewish people, they have a future, & they will get the land, ALL OF IT!  Replacement theology is a SATANIC doctrine!  Beware, ‘be very aware’ of those who stand against the Jewish people & do NOT follow them with their heresy!  Steven AnderSNAKE is one of the most Satanic ‘preachers’ I have come across!  DUMP HIM!


Bible BELIEVERS are LOOKING for Jesus Christ!  POST-Tribbers are LOOKING for the ANTI-Christ! (Issue 75 page 35)

Paul was looking for Jesus!!!  2 Tim 4v8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.  Many POST-Tribbers (e.g. Steven AnderSNAKE) believe that the church has replaced Israel, they teach the Roman Catholic ‘replacement’ theology!  They are anti-Semitic & WRONGLY divide the Scriptures.  Like all CULTS they twist & distort Scripture to fit their HERESY (e.g. Bobby-the-baby-Mitchell et al.)  AnderSNAKE even goes on to say regarding the Jews that God did NOT put them back in the land in 1948… now hear this… he goes on to say that Satan put the Jews in the land in 1948 – this is the type of SATANIC heretic you get, when you pervert the Scriptures to teach the POST-Tribulation Rapture!  AnderSNAKE also says (just like Bob-the-BOOB) that the word ‘elect’ always refers to Christians in the New Testament!  This is how shallow POST-Tribbers are!  You see, they can’t differentiate between words & phrases like… ‘the Day of the Lord, the Day of Christ,’ words like ‘saints, elect, appearing, Jew, trumps & trumpets’, etc. POST-Tribbers are NUTS, WHACKO-JACKO man, like away with the fairies!  DUMP THEM! 


Are you ready for Jesus Christ to come back TODAY?  If not something is wrong in your life! (Issue 75 page 38)

Were the apostles & disciples looking for the Lord’s return in their day?  What saith the Scriptures?

Are these verses talking about the Rapture or the Second Coming?

Phil 3v20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

1 Cor 1v7 So that ye come behind in no gift; waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ:

Titus 2v13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

1 Thes 4v15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.

2 Thes 2v1 Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,


These questions were from Bryan Denlinger (PRE-Trib) to Steve AnderSNAKE! (POST-Trib-HERETIC!)

It would be great to see Bob-the-BOOB try to answer them also! (Issue 75 page 40)

  1. Where is the resurrection of DEAD saints mentioned in Mat 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 & 21?

  2. Did Jesus & Paul preach the SAME Gospel?

  3. Can you provide documented proof of Bible Believing Christians teaching a pre-wrath Rapture BEFORE 1830?

  4. Please explain the prophecy Jesus gave concerning the rebirth of the fig tree in Mat 24v32-34?

  5. What is the ‘fullness of the Gentiles’ & when will it ‘come in?’

  6. Who are the ‘elect’ mentioned in 2 Tim 2v10?

  7. Could you give one reference where the words ‘The Tribulation’ or ‘The Great Tribulation’ are used as a title for this coming time period?


POST-Trib-Heretics! (Issue 76 page 10)

Beware when anyone runs to the Gospel’s & takes their doctrine from PRE-Crucifixion Scriptures!  PRE-Crucifixion Scriptures are standing in the Old Testament – do you get that?  (Heb 9v15-17)  So all these POST-Trib-Heretics run to PRE-Crucifixion Scriptures to teach their HERESY!  Beware of that!  Understand that!  Kent Hovind, Steven AnderSNAKE, Roland Rasmussen, Bob Mitchell etc. DUMP THEM ALL when they start waffling on about their heretical teaching of the POST-Trib Rapture, & how the Body of Christ goes through ‘Jacob’s Trouble!’  They are talking TOSH!  The Church will not go through Jacob’s Trouble, rest assured!  God does NOT pour out His wrath upon His Bride!  Christians CANNOT lose their salvation, yet in Jacob’s Trouble (aka ‘The Tribulation’ – although it is never given this title in Scripture!) you CAN lose your salvation!  If you do not RIGHTLY divide the Scriptures, you will WRONGLY ‘join’ them!  Ask a POST-Tribber WHY the term ‘Son of Man’ doesn’t appear in any of Paul’s letters, yet it appears in 193 verses of Scripture!  That will send them into a frazzle!  Here’s another question to ask a POST-Trib-Heretic… ‘What happens if a ‘Christian’ doesn’t endure to the end of the Tribulation? – Mat 10v22’ Can a Christian take the ‘Mark of the Beast?’  Oh dear!


WARNING - Kent Hovind is NOT the man he once was! (Issue 76 page 11)

Like I have said previously, Kent Hovind is a brilliant individual who is excellent at refuting evolution & debating with atheists/evolutionists.  He is totally useless when it comes to rightly dividing the word of truth sadly!  He has been deceived/brain washed into believing the lie of the POST-Tribulation Rapture for the church & sadly he is now spreading this lie in many of his videos.  Don’t get me wrong, he has been through a terrible nine years in prison & obviously this has affected him considerably.  He seems very arrogant & unteachable now, & he will not be as effective as he once was due to the erroneous stand he now takes.  Beware of Kent Hovind!  Take the good & leave the RUBBISH!  I know it is very disappointing for so many Christians, as he was once a great voice.  Arrogance/PRIDE is a KILLER!  (Bryan Denlinger has done three excellent videos exposing & debunking Kent’s heresy of the POST-Trib Rapture!)

Salvation in the time of ‘Jacob’s Trouble!’ (Issue 76 page 18)

According to Kent Hovind, what happens if someone in ‘Jacob’s Trouble’ doesn’t endure to the end?  Also, in the ‘Tribulation’, the saints have their ROBES washed (Rev 7v14), today WE are washed (1 Cor 6v11) – THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!  See how poor old Kent can’t rightly divide THE BOOK!  So again, during ‘The Tribulation’ salvation is by faith PLUS ‘works!’  Hovind runs back to ‘The Greek’ (there isn’t one!) to try to prove his heresy of Post-Tribulation!  When ANYBODY starts to run to ‘The Greek’ (There isn’t one!) alarm bells should start ringing!  FORGET ‘The Greek’ (There isn’t one!)  Don’t waste a penny on Kent Hovind’s book on prophecy, it is FULL of ERRORS! 

The more I know about POST-Tribulation Christians, the more I think they are TOTAL IDIOTS! (Issue 77 page 13-15)

For some reason this little band-of-heretics seem to keep popping up, probably because old Hovind has raised their profile seeing he has fallen for the deception of the Post-Trib heresy, plus AnderSNAKE who is a tool in the Devil’s hand is also promoting this LIE.  You see, once you’re saved the Devil has LOST you, but he still wants to do all he can to bring you down, & use YOU to teach other’s falsehood, & especially use YOU, if YOU are distracting other Christians from looking for the return of Jesus Christ!  (Titus 2v13)  It’s amazing how many Christians get drawn in, deceived & follow these suckers, yet Christians are ‘sheep’ I suppose, so when one ‘charismatic’ leader walks the path of an heretical teaching, his little followers just follow him without really checking what the truth is?  (John 18v38)  Now some Christians make such a big deal about all this when there really is no need.  This heresy only comes about because these suckers don’t study their Bibles (they just follow other ‘men’) & those that so-called do, DON’T rightly DIVIDE the Scriptures!  Now there are TWO Raptures, one is BEFORE the time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jer 30v7) - 1 Thes 4v15-18 aka ‘The Tribulation’, & one is at the end of the time of Jacob’s Trouble - Mat 24v31. 

The problem is that the Calvinist thinks the Holy Spirit stopped revealing ‘advanced revelations’ (also known as ‘progressive’ revelation) with John Calvin, & the ‘premillennial fundamentalists’ think that the Holy Spirit stopped revealing ‘advanced revelations’ with Scofield & Larkin, when in truth, God has blessed other men SINCE, such as Peter Ruckman!  Ruckman has gone DEEPER into the Scriptures with his Bible studies, & gained so much more than most, because he NEVER ‘corrects’ The Bible, he just SUBMITS to it, & because of that, God has revealed so much to him.  I doubt there’s another man living today that has spent so much time IN the word of God!  Because of this, Ruckman has gleaned things from THAT BOOK, that no other has ever seen before, BECAUSE THEY DON’T STUDY IT & SUBMIT TO IT!  He is such a blessing to the Body of Christ unlike others who are just a CURSE on the Church.  ‘Christians’ like Hyper-Diapers Stam, O’Hair, Moore etc. are still in kindergarten compared to Ruckman, hence why children like punk-Eli, Jarod & their ilk would rather follow these shallow teachers rather than take hold of STRONG MEAT – Heb 5v12-14)

Anyway, enough about these dippers, let’s crack on… The word Rapture means to seize something, snatch it away or transport something.  The Rapture will take place before the Resurrection (John 11v25) & will include all LIVING believers (John 11v26) & all DEAD believers (John 11v25).  The ‘living’ & ‘dead’ are also mentioned again in the other Rapture passage 1 Cor 15v52-54.

If you were to look at verses in the OT, take Job 19v25-27, you will notice that Job is speaking of an EARTHLY Redeemer standing on the EARTH, with no mention of a Heavenly King on a Heavenly Throne reigning over  a SPIRITUAL Kingdom (Eph 5v5 Ps 110v1, Dan 4v3 etc.)  Throughout the OT there is a ‘hint’ of a PRE-resurrection ‘resurrection.’ – Read Ps 50v4+5, Job 37v1-5, Isa 26v19-21 – note the ‘voice’ (Job 37) & the ‘thunder’ (Job 40) which accompanies it!  See also John 12v28-30 in relation to this!

Ruckman writes… 1) In the Song of Solomon, Jesus Christ is calling for His Bride to… ‘rise up…& come away’ – S of S 2v10.  The setting is May (Pentecost) which is not within four months of the Feast of Trumpets or the Feats of Tabernacles.

The ‘beloved’ in the S of S 2v10, is a Gentile Bride, not a Jewish Bride (S of S 1v5)

2) Every Bible teacher/preacher who confounded the Angel’s trumpet (Mat 24v31, Rev 11v15) with GOD’S trump (1 Thes 4v16, Rev 4v1+2) located the Rapture at the Feast of Trumpets in September – October.

3) ‘The last TRUMP’ is NOT a trumpet!  It is the last SOUND made by a trumpet, but in this case, it was God’s VOICE (‘the TRUMP OF GOD’) speaking ‘AS’ a trumpet.  John is careful to tell you that the ‘trump of God’ is NOT an actual ‘trumpet’ but a ‘VOICE’ (John 12v29, Job 37v1-5, Rev 4v1+2) which sounds like TWO things – ‘THUNDER & a TRUMPET!’

4) When this ‘trump’ is heard, A VOICE is heard (S of S 2v10), calling SHEEP home (John 10v3-4).  No VOICE is heard AFTER the ‘seventh trumpet’ of Rev 11, which was blown by an ANGEL NOT God!

It is ‘voices’ that are heard AFTER the seventh trumpet, & THEY DO NOT CALL ANYONE UP ANYWHERE!; they announce that Jesus Christ is going to land ‘on earth!’ (Job 19v25) to take over ‘the Kingdoms of the world’ (see Dan 2v35+44+45).

5) However, there is a voice (a ‘great voice’) which does call someone UP just BEFORE the SEVENTH ANGEL BLOWS HIS TRUMPET.  This voice says ‘COME UP HITHER!’  That is what John heard in Rev 4v1.  But this time the SAME VOICE (speaking the SAME WORDS) is calling someone UP at the END of Daniel’s Seventieth Week.  The two men who are addresses directly are BOTH JEWS – Moses & Elijah (NOT Enoch!)  They are caught up in a POST-Tribulation Rapture, NOT a ‘pre-wrath’ Rapture!  Now can you see by all this where Kent Hovind, Stephen AnderSNAKE & Bob-the-BOOB (& now Thad) gets all confused?  They take Scriptures OUT OF THEIR CONTEXT & misapply them!  That is why they are all total USELESS when it comes to teaching on the ‘End Times!’  Don’t get me wrong, they all have their ‘uses’ – Hovind is a brilliant evangelist when it comes to destroying evolution; Stephen AnderSNAKE is brilliant at being tazered (I’d like to see it happen more often to him!) & Bob-the-BOOB is good at… (sorry I can’t think of anything right now, check back with me later!) & now Thad, well he’s brilliant at his FAKE-humility!  You see they all have talents! 

So what we have above is TWO Raptures, a PRE & a POST Tribulation Rapture.  The POST is said to be POST in Mat 24v29, so that is where many of the Premillennialists will break their ‘theological necks’ – i.e. the Book of Matthew!  By doing what Calvin did, mistaking the ELECT of Mat 24v24 for the ELECT of Eph 1v5, they overlooked the ELECT to whom the passage was AIMED – Isa 65v9+22, Dan 7v18+21+22+25+27, & PRETENDED the ELECT were ‘Christians’ in the Body of Christ. 

By not RIGHTLY DIVIDING the word of truth, many Christians mess up regarding the ten virgins in Mat 25v1 & apply this verse also to the Church when it has NOTHING to do with the Church – the ten virgins don’t MARRY Christ, they MEET Him!  The Church is His Bride & a chaste VIRGIN (note NOT plural ‘virgins!’) – 2 Cor 11v2.  You will also note that Mat 25 ends with a WORKS salvation set up – Mat 25v35-41; Paul’s Gospel was nowhere to be seen as Paul wasn’t even saved yet! 

Now look up the following verses – Rev 6v16, Rev 14v14, Mat 24v30, Rev 1v7+17.  NOT ONE of those passages matches the Second Advent as described in Rev 19v11-15, Isa 63v1, Joel 2v1-3, Judges 5v1-20, Hab 3v3-14.

Somebody sees Jesus Christ at the END of Jacob’s Trouble (aka The Tribulation) BEFORE He arrives at Armageddon with His divine ‘cavalry’ (Rev 19).

The requirements for the ELECT ‘seeing’ this Post-Tribulation ‘appearance’ are… 1) Purity of heart – Mat 5v8  2) Holiness – Heb 12v14  3) Be watchful & waiting – Heb 9v28.

Note also, that ‘The Day of the Lord’ is not just confined to the Second Advent!  ‘That Day’ in the Prophets can refer to… 1) The Birth of Christ – (Isa 2v12, 4v2, 7v14+18),  2) The attack of Sennacherib – (Isa 10v5-20),  3) The defeat of Babylon by Persia – (Jer 50 & 51),  4) The Millennium – (2 Pet 3v8),  5) The White Throne Judgment – (2 Pet 3v10)  Post-Tribbers, who follow Rosenthal, take 2 Pet 3v10 & apply it to the BEGINNING of the Millennium, because it said ‘The Day of the Lord’, as he had already LIMITED that expression to refer to the events of Rev 16-19 ‘just before the Millennium started!’  Rosenthal wound up with no Millennium, he was Amillennialist, Armageddon ran right into the White Throne Judgment!

Moses & Elijah are ‘caught up’ in Rev 11v12.  The 144,000 Jews show up in the Third Heaven around the Throne in Rev 14v1-4, & they were on earth BEFORE the ‘Tribulation’ started – Rev 7v3+4.  These were all Raptured & none of them were IN the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, the Church!

The 144,000 sang ‘the song of Moses’ (Rev 15v3), it’s the song of Deut 32.  It’s quoted in Deut 32v36, Heb 10v30.

The HARVEST of Rev 14v15, PRECEDES the HARVEST of Rev 14v18-20.

The POST-Trib appearance of Jesus Christ to His enemies, as a Lamb seated on a throne, cannot match His appearance as seated on a horse (Rev 19v11-16).  His enemies SEE Him long enough BEFORE He comes, to gather troops to fight against Him, at the place where they saw Him (Rev 19v19) Now none of this stuff makes sense to Hovind, Bob-the-BOOB, MAD-Thad, that-punk-kid-Eli & his ilk, why?  Because they all WRONGLY DIVIDE the Scriptures! 

Jesus Christ is SEATED on a cloud in Rev 14 when the Post-Trib Rapture takes place.  Those caught up at that time do NOT face the Judgment Seat of Christ, & they marry no one!  They are GUESTS at a wedding, & you were told this in Mat 22v10+11.  So when we say ‘Post-Trib’, the terminology is not 100% accurate.  It would be more accurate to say ‘somewhere right near the end of the Tribulation’ this Rapture will occur.  Mat 24v29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days…, but THOSE DAYS can be shortened, or they will be delayed (Mat 24v22).  Stay with Ruckman all the way on this, as he’s hit the nail on the head each time!

Paul’s conversion is a TYPE of ‘that appearance’ of Christ (Acts 9v1-5), which explains his ‘born out of due time’ statement in 1 Cor 15v8.  This ‘appearance’ is foreshadowed in places like Isa 60v1-3, Joel 3v16 & Ps 50v2.  It is God ‘shining forth brighter than the sun’ (Ps 67v1, Mat 17v2, Acts 22v6) Daniel has a run in with the Lord – Dan 10v5-11, & so does Ezekiel – Ezek 8v1+2.  Now you will notice that not once did you need to run back to ‘the Greek’ (there isn’t one!) or ‘the Hebrew’ (there isn’t one!) to find all this out, just stay with the Authorized Version King James Bible!

Daniel, Ezekiel & Paul were all Jewish evangelists sent to preach to the GENTILES as well as to the JEWS (Dan 2-5+7+9, Ezek 26-30, 38-39, Rom 15-16).  It will be 144,000 JEWS who preach to Gentiles in Jacob’s Trouble (aka The Tribulation)

Ruckman continues… So here we have ONE ‘chaste virgin’ (2 Cor 11v2) being caught up BEFORE the Mark of the Beast starts damning men (Rev 14v9+10), & she is caught up in the Spring (S of S 2v10-13) by a voice that sounds like a trumpet (1 Thes 4v16) to the child of God but sounds like thunder to the unsaved (John 12v28-30, Job 37v1-5).  Every saint in that Bride is ‘called’ by NAME (John 10v1-7) & is first ‘led OUT’ (‘Exodus!’) of the world system (John 10v3) & then brought back in to earth BEHIND their Shepherd (John 10v4)… now so many preachers don’t get that order of events & bend & twist the Scriptures to teach otherwise…  2 Pet 3v16 As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction. John 10v6 This parable spake Jesus unto them: but they (AnderSNAKE, Bob-the-BOOB, ‘Under-the-Cloud’, MAD-Thad etc.) understood not what things they were which he spake unto them

So we have a number of VIRGINS (S of S 6v8) in TWO SEPARATE GROUPS (Rev 7v4+9) unlike the ONE BODY (Gal 3v28, Eph 3v1-8).  They are being CAUGHT UP AFTER the Mark of the Beast is required worldwide (Rev 13).  These groups are caught up sometime around the Feast of Trumpets, when an Angel blows the SEVENTH Trumpet, called ‘a great sound of a trumpet’ (Mat 24v31).  This ‘SISTER’ marries NO ONE when she is called to ‘Come up hither’ & she has to stand before the White Throne Judgment (Rev 11v8, Rev 20v11-14) for the Judgment Seat of Christ is PAST!  Note again that she came out of a ‘FAITH+WORKS’ set up (Mat 25) requiring ‘commandment keeping’ (Rev 12v17, 14v12) as well as faith in Jesus Christ!  Works show up at the White Throne – Rev 20.

No member of the Body of Christ will ever be alive in a situation where saved Jews & saved Gentiles make up two separate bodies of saints (Rev 7), & no member of the Body of Christ will be alive when a man can LOSE his salvation by taking a mark or a number or a name – Rev 13v1-18, Rev 14v9+10.  No member of the Body of Christ will be present when an angel preaches ‘another gospel’ that Paul did NOT preach (Gal 1v6-8) & is BLESSED for doing it – Rev 14v6+7.  No member of the Body of Christ will ever be told that his ‘enduring to the end’ (Mat 24v13) depends upon keeping the COMMANDMENTS! (Rev 12v17, Rev 14v12)

You see the problem with so many Christians today is that they have STOPPED LOOKING for the Lord Jesus Christ’s RETURN, they’ve given up for whatever reason.  Many Christians don’t want to talk ‘End Times’ because they have been so screwed up by the POST-Tribbers that they don’t know what to believe anymore.  The Devil is certainly using the POST-Trib HERESY to bring confusion to the Body of Christ, when really, if you just take the Scriptures in their context, rightly dividing them, then you won’t have a problem.  None of the POST-Trib heretics understand the different plans of salvation in the different dispensations!

We should be LOOKING for Jesus Christ… Acts 1v11, 1 John 3v1-3, Titus 2v13, Phil 3v20 etc. NOT the ANTI-christ!

Bible Believing Christians who can RIGHTLY DIVIDE ‘The Book’ are NOT looking for… an end time revival (there won’t be one!), Daniel’s 70th Week to show up, The Temple to be rebuilt, The Son of Perdition to show up, Russia to invade Palestine etc.  We are waiting for JESUS CHRIST to show up at the Rapture!

We are told to… Occupy till I come. (Luke 19v13)  In other words, live for God in everything you do, work for the Lord, serve the Lord & do His will NOT your own!  This is another thing most Christians aren’t doing, because they aren’t LOOKING for Him, & think they have years left!  I am expecting the Lord Jesus Christ to come before I finish this newsletter! If He doesn’t I’ll be disappointed, but it doesn’t stop me LOOKING for Him as He could come anytime!  We have an urgency at Time for Truth!, unlike many other ministries who are ‘kingdom BUILDERS’, we are NOT!  We are throwing as much of our resources at getting the Gospel out to sinners & sowing the seed of the word of God everywhere we can!  We are expecting the Lord Jesus anytime now!  Are you? 

And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come. 1 Thes 1v10

For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: Phil 3v20

Many a Christian who WRONGLY divides the word of Truth tries to drag THE CHURCH into Mat 24v31, & INTO the Tribulation!  When a Christian tells you that sinners are saved in the Tribulation the same way they are saved in every ‘dispensation’ including now, that should be a WARNING SIGN, as you know they will try & drag YOU into the Tribulation e.g. the POST-Trib heresy!  Once you try to ram Rev 12v17, Rev 14v12 & Heb 3v14 into the CHURCH AGE ‘Gospel of the Grace of God’ (Acts 20v24), you open up the door to HERESY, & ‘heresy’ is TRUTH ‘misplaced!’

Now there may be a ‘gap’ between the Rapture & the ‘beginning’ of Jacob’s Trouble, that will need studying in greater depth, but one thing is sure… The Rapture taught in Ps 50v1-6, Isa 26v20+21, Rev 14v14-16, Heb 9v28, 2 Sam 22v17-20, Ps 18v6-19 & Mat 24v40-42 are NOT connected with the New Testament Body of Christ that is NOW on the earth!

Hopefully, this little article has cleared a few things up for you regarding the TWO Raptures!  You can also find more info on these TWO Raptures in previous copies of TfT! NEWS.

1 Thes 5… (Some of the notes below are taken from Ruckman’s commentary) (Issue 77 page 17-18)

Everything in the first 10 verses of 1 Thes 5 is dealing with the Second Advent, NOT the Rapture, you want to note that down right from the start! 

1 Thes 5v1 But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.  Note Acts 1v6+7 When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?  And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.  Paul is telling the Christians in 1 Thes 5 that there is NO NEED to know the times & seasons on the run up to the ‘Day of the Lord’ as this is NOT for them, as they will NOT be there for it, as the Church does NOT go through Jacob’s Trouble (aka The Tribulation!)  Just like the disciples asked the Lord in Acts 1 about the restoration of the Kingdom, & He said it’s NOT for them!  (Just an interesting point… ‘Times’ refers to YEARS (Rev 12v14)  There, the first time is one year, the ‘times’ are TWO YEARS, & the ‘half a time’ makes up to 3½ YEARS as in the time of Moses & Elijah (Rev 11v2+3), & the Antichrist’s times (Rev 13v5))

1 Thes 5v2 For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord (Second Advent NOT the Rapture) so cometh as a thief in the night. (NIGHT represents the Tribulation!)  A Jewish ‘night’ had 12 hours in it (John 11v9), divided into FOUR ‘watches’ which is exactly as a YEAR has 12 months divided into FOUR seasons – Winter, Spring (seedtime), Summer & Autumn (harvest)!  The four matching ‘hours’ are 6-9pm (Evening), 9-12pm (Midnight), 12-3am (Cockcrowing), & 3-6am (Morning)  Mark 13v35 Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning

In 1 Thes 5v4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. we are told that the DAY (v2) is NOT going to overtake you ‘as a thief in the night’.  This is where a lot of Christians mistake this verse for the Rapture instead of the Second Advent.  Note in v1-10 the different people Paul is addressing, as this will help you out to whom he is speaking to… v1 – ‘brethren’ & ‘you’ i.e. Christians!  v3 – ‘they’ & ‘them’ i.e. those IN Jacob’s Trouble (The Tribulation)  v4 – ‘ye brethren’ i.e. Christians (the Body of Christ) Paul says that ‘THAT DAY’ should NOT overtake US (Christians) as a thief, why?  Because WE are NOT going to go through the Tribulation i.e. Jacob’s Trouble!  The Church is Raptured BEFORE the Tribulation starts!

So back to v4 – We know the ‘thief’ is coming!  He’s coming in the MORNING watch (3-6am).  Now for something VERY interesting look at Mat 14v25 & cross reference that with Hab 3v15… mind blowing stuff eh? 

Let old ‘Rucker’s’ take us even deeper… We can’t date the Rapture of course, plus our calendar could be ‘out’, but notice this… Read Job 3v4+6 & also get a hold of Clarence Larkin’s book Dispensational Truth & turn to pages 71+72.  God is not ‘counting’ certain years in His ‘figuring’ of the Rapture & ‘End Times’, He’s omitting some!  Note too where you just read from, ‘JOB’.  Job means ‘persecuted one’ & points to the Tribulation.  It was Satan who persecuted Job (see Rev 12v4+13).  Israel is to be persecuted for forty-two months!  Why there are 42 chapters in the book of JOB, how mad is that!  But it gets deeper… When God ‘healed’ Job, the Holy Spirit wrote in Job 42v10 And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, knowing He had used the expression 14 times for the RESTORATION OF THE NATION OF ISRAEL at the end of the Tribulation – Deut 30v3, Ps 126v1+4, Jer 29v14, 33v7+11+26, Lam 2v14, Zeph 2v7 etc.

Who on earth would have used that expression for a man getting ‘healed’ of several diseases?  See the depth?  You can read a verse & just glaze over it not realising that it has so much more depth than you realised.

This is why it is so important to DUMP ALL ‘bibles’ other than the Authorized Version King James Bible, because if you change ONE SINGLE letter it can change the entire meaning!  (Let me give you a classic verse that has duped all prophecy teachers & preachers… 2 Thes 2v7 compare it in the KJV with the NKJV & see something incredible!  Did you get it?  Now you know WHY prophecy teachers teach the ‘he’ is the Holy Spirit!)  Have a listen to this sermon in regard to 2 Thes 2v7…

I keep saying it, but if you use any other ‘bible’ other than the AV/KJV you’ll mess up on End Time prophecies, let me give you another example… we’ve just looked at Job 42v10 & the words ‘turned the captivity of Job’ in regard to the ‘restoration of Israel’ & what do we find in the NKJV, NIV, ASV, NASV, RSV, ESV etc.?  THEY ALL OMIT THOSE WORDS!!!!!!!  Is it any wonder WHY modern day Christianity which uses modern day ‘bible’ PERVERSIONS is turning AGAINST Israel?  Anti-Semitism is on the rise IN THE CHURCH, & one reason for this is because of PERVERTED ‘bibles!’ That is unbelievable!

So when it comes to TIME, God may have already stopped His clock, & won’t start it again until He returns at the Second Advent, I don’t know, but there is that possibility!  Ruckman says that there is a possibility that the ‘clock’ won’t start running again until Jesus Christ lands on the earth in the Jewish seventh month (Tabernacles) as ‘King of kings & Lord of lords’ (2 Pet 1v13-18)  Interesting!

Now, let’s go back to 1 Thes 5v3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.  It is SATAN who starts off peaceably in the Tribulation (Read Dan 11v21+24) so that he can DESTROY MANY (Dan 8v24) through ‘peace!’  Watch him sit down in the Holy of Holies (2 Thes 2v4) calling himself ‘God’ & pulling out his Roman Catholic ‘bible’ & quoting Luke 2v14!  He’ll move from Rome to Jerusalem!

The ‘sudden destruction’ is Joel 2, Isa 63, Jer 25, Mat 24v16-19+29, Rev 14+19.

Remember who Paul is talking to in 1 Thes 5v5Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.  Note the ‘YE’, that’s Paul’s readers who are NOT in the Tribulation & will NOT be going through it, that’s the Body of Christ, the Church… YOU & ME!  Remember ‘in the night, & in the dark’ is a reference to the Tribulation!  WE are children of the LIGHT not of the night or darkness, hence the passage is talking about the Second Advent & NOT the Rapture!  POST-Tribbers haven’t a clue!  (i.e. AnderSNAKE, Bob-the-BOOB & MAD-Thad!)  Remember, if you don’t RIGHTLY DIVIDE the word of truth, you will WRONGLY JOIN!

The SUN of Mal 4v2 is THE ADVENT!  That ‘SUN’ comes to burn up CHAFF!  Read Mal 4v1+2, Mat 13v42+43, Zeph 3v8.

So the Christian (US) is NOT of the night nor of darkness, because we have the ‘light of the world’ (John 8v12) & ‘walk in the light, as he is in the light’ (1 John 1v5-7) 

1 Thes 5v6 – We are told NOT to sleep!  (Incidentally, there are TWO things we are to ‘love NOT’ in the Scriptures… one is ‘the world’ (1 John 2v15) & love NOT ‘sleep!’ Prov20v13)  Here in 1 Thes 5v6, we are told not to sleep but to watch!  The Christian should be alert, on his guard & ready for action just like any soldier (2 Tim 2v1-4, 1 Tim 6v12, 1 Tim 1v18), yet Christians are half-soaked today & haven’t a clue what is going on.  Most Christians are just plain lazy, when it comes to reading & studying the Scriptures, & there are hardly any Bible Believing Christians who are true soldiers for the Lord Jesus Christ left in England!  The population of the UK is just over 64 million people.  I wonder how many Bible Believing Christians are among that lot?  Not many I can tell you!  We’ve had about 12,600 people view our website from the UK, that’s not many considering is it!  England is shot through, the sodomites & Muslims seem to be taking over while the church just sits back not having a clue what is going on.  COME LORD JESUS!  We need our Captain to get us out of here – Heb 2v10.  Regarding v6 & being spiritually alert, most POST-Tribbers are not only spiritually blind, but DEAD! 

Note also the ‘others’ of v6 & the ‘they’ of v7 are the ‘they’ of v3, i.e. those IN the Tribulation, NOT the Church!

We are of the DAY, not the night (v8) & it goes on to say IN CONTEXT in v9 For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Did you see that ‘US’ that’s US!!!  We don’t go into, or through the time of Jacob’s Trouble!  Now follow it through to v11 Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.  We can comfort ourselves knowing that we are NOT going INTO, or THROUGH the Tribulation!  You couldn’t say that if you thought you would be facing the worst time this world has ever known i.e. ‘hell on earth’ where Satan is given free reign!  Thank the Lord that the church will not be going through any part of Jacob’s Trouble.  I’m looking for Jesus Christ NOT the Antichrist! 


2 Thes 2v2 – A problem for Bible ‘correctors’ NOT Bible BELIEVERS!  (See RRB page 1577) (Issue 77 page 18)

That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that THE DAY OF CHRIST is at hand. 2 Thes 2v2.  Most Christians, especially a lot of the prophecy ‘teachers’ change the ‘Day of Christ’ to the ‘Day of the Lord!’  By doing this they have so-called ‘corrected’ an ‘error’ in the Scriptures, while really they have cut their own throats when it comes to Biblical illumination/revelation!  Touch THE BOOK & you’ve had it!  If you don’t understand something in the Scriptures you do NOT change it trying to get it to fit in with your preconceived ideas!  NEVER DO THAT!  This is something the PWMI (Prophetic Witness Movement International) do!  They change the Bible!  Some of them don’t even use the AV/KJV so they’ll NEVER get their ‘End Time’ doctrine right!  Without THE BOOK, & we KNOW ‘which’ Book don’t we folks, you will never be straight on your doctrine!  Now back to our text…  Now the reason why these shallow Bible students change the ‘Day of Christ’ to the ‘Day of the Lord’ is because what follows in verses 3-12, which is a reference to the Antichrist in the Tribulation!  But the ‘Day of Christ’ is a reference, in the Pauline epistles, to the Rapture, AND the Judgment Seat of Christ!  (1 Cor 1v8, 1 Cor 5v5, 2 Cor 1v14, Phil 1v6+10, Phil 2v16)

The problem the Thessalonians had was that someone had written to them, pretending to be Paul, (nor by letter as from us!) & had told them that the Rapture, about which Paul had told them in 1 Thes 4v13-18, had ALREADY taken place & they had MISSED IT!  Paul assures them in v1 that the Rapture has not yet occurred.  He is not saying in this verse that the Rapture wasn’t ‘AT HAND’, because in Rom 13v12 he said THAT IT WAS!  He says in v3 that something must take place FIRST ‘before’ the Rapture!  In the Bible a thing can be ‘at hand’ & yet any number of events can occur BEFORE it shows up (see Isa 13v6, Jer 23v23, Joel 1v15, Zeph 1v7, Mat 3v2, Mat 4v17, Mark 1v15, 1 Pet 4v7, Rev 1v3, Rev 22v10)

The KEY to understanding v1-3 is that ‘the Day of Christ’ CAN encompass a number of events just like ‘the Day of the Lord’ can!  Paul told you back in 2 Thes 1v10, that ‘THAT DAY’, in reference to ‘the Day of Christ’ (see v3), CAN include the ADVENT as well as the Rapture (cf. 2 Tim 1v12+18).


POST-Tribulation / PRE-Wrath!!!???  Just a few more helpful notes… (Issue 77 page 42)

Mat 24v10-14 – We do NOT preach the Gospel of the Kingdom!  That is NOT for the church!

Note in Mat 24 the church & the NEW covenant were not formed, revealed or manifested!  (Heb 9v15-17)

Mat 24 is directed to THE JEWS not the church! 

The MID-Trib Rapture is for the believing JEWS!

The word elect is mentioned three times in Mat 24v22+24+31 & not once is it referring to the church!  It is referring to Israel!

The word ‘tribulation’ occurs 22 times in the Bible!  It has FOUR meanings 1) ‘THE’ Tribulation (occurs in ONLY 3 out of the 22) Dan 4v30, Mat 24v29, Mat 13v24,  2) Tribulation in the Christian life – John 16v33  3) General Tribulation in life  4) ‘GREAT’ Tribulation (only occurs 3 times) - Mat 24v21, Rev 2v22, Rev 7v14.

Wrath – has FOUR meanings - 1) God’s wrath (John 3v36)  2) Man’s wrath – Rom 4v15  3) Miscellaneous wrath  4) THE wrath is always connected with the JEWS!

Enoch is the perfect example of a Raptured saint who doesn’t see DEATH before the Judgment (Flood!)  Some of us will NOT see death BEFORE the Judgment (Tribulation!)

Paul NEVER tells us that we are going to go through the Tribulation or ‘how’ we are to get through it!

1 Cor 3v11-16, 2 Cor 4v14, Gal 6v7-9, Eph 1v13, – none of these verses talk about us going through the Tribulation, Paul NEVER mentions it!  It’s all positive what is ahead of us!  Paul only talks about the tribulation that we all face HERE in life, NOT ‘THE’ Tribulation which is TO COME… which the church will NOT go through!  Paul would have majored on ‘THE’ Tribulation & let us know how we should get through it etc. but he doesn’t!  Paul doesn’t TEACH anything about us going through THE Tribulation!

It’s not about ‘survival’ through THE Tribulation, it’s about living for the Lord NOW & expecting His return NOW!

The POST-Trib HERESY is being used by the Devil to cause DIVISION among Christians & get their eyes OFF the Lord Jesus Christ!


Another proof that the church will NOT go through the Tribulation! (Issue 78 page 41)

Baby-Post-Tribbers (aka ‘Posties!’), who can’t read in context OR rightly divide the Scriptures, are just deluded fools!  Now look at this SIMPLE PROOF of why the Body of Christ does NOT go through the Tribulation!  The main verse that prophecy teachers use proving the SEVEN (7) year Tribulation aka ‘Jacob’s Trouble’ aka ‘Daniel’s 70th Week’, is Dan 9v27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.  In Dan 9v25 we read… Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.  Now ADD all the red weeks up & you get what? 70 (Seventy!!!)  Now look at this beauty… Dan 9v24 Seventy weeks are determined UPON THY PEOPLE (WHO are ‘Thy people’???  The answer of course is ISRAEL!!!) and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.  Now HOW MANY weeks are determined & upon WHOM?  The answer 70 weeks, which INCLUDES the 70th Week aka ‘The Tribulation’ & those 70 weeks are FOR ISRAEL NOT the Church, the Body of Christ!  How simple can you get?  The Church will NOT go through the Tribulation!  The ‘Posties’ are very shallow Bible students, who couldn’t rightly divide THAT BOOK if their lives depended upon it!  DUMP THE LOT OF ‘EM, starting with money-grabbing-HOVIND, followed by the imbecilic AnderSNAKE, followed by Bob-the-boob-Mitchell & all their ilk!  Oh & by the way, do you know how these heretics try to get around this clear teaching?  They say that THEY ‘are’ Israel, they replace Israel with the church & say that THEY are Israel!  Now do you know how dumb that is?  Follow me… Dan 9v24 again Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.  If they are Israel, that means their SINS have not been TOTALLY dealt with!  Note it says ‘the holy city’ – what on earth could this be for the Body of Christ where YOU live?  Jerusalem is NOT where I live, that’s in Israel!  MY sins have already been paid for on the Cross, (1 Cor 15v1-4, Gal 1v4, Heb 9v26, Heb 9v28, Heb 10v10, 1 Pet 3v18, Rom 5v6+8 plus loads more!!!) & I have Christ’s righteousness NOW, & I ‘HAVE BEEN’ reconciled! (2 Cor 5v18) This verse is certainly NOT talking to ME, & no one In the Body of Christ today is a ‘JEW’, we are Christians! (Gal 3v28)


Why aren’t Post-Tribbers preparing for the Tribulation? (Issue 80 page 22)

Ask Post-Tribbers Bob-the-Boob, Steve Andersnake & Kent-beg-for-money-Hovind, if they have prepared for the Tribulation?  If they haven’t, why not?  If they really believe that we are going through the Tribulation, why haven’t they stashed away loads of food, water, fuel etc?  Have they built a survival shelter yet?  If not why not?  If these morons really believe that we’re going to go through the Tribulation very soon, why haven’t they prepared for it?  Do you know?  I do!  It’s because they DON’T really believe what they are spouting off about, if they did, they would be preparing to survive. They are just spouting off heresies, yet they DON’T REALLY believe what they’re talking about… they DON’T believe it!  If they DID, they’d be in PREPARATION for it.  They are just living life as normal, buying their new cars, washing machines, going on holiday & mixing with the world.  Why, because they DON’T BELIEVE they’re going to go through the Tribulation. They’re just lying hypocrites promoting a man-made heresy.




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