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Providers and distributors of Christian literature at cost. Supplying Christians and local churches for over 25 years.

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How it all started!

Saved 4th May 1989, I had a great desire to reach the lost souls of this world.

Donna was saved in 1982 and since my SALVATION we have served the Lord together and been actively involved in outreach work.

Due to various forms of evangelism, the increasing number of contacts we made and all the correspondence involved, we set up a PO BOX called Time for Truth! in 1997. Since then we have had thousands of letters in response to TfT! ministry - it is growing every month!

  • We are BIBLE BELIEVING Christians - that means we NEVER 'correct' or change the word of God - WE BELIEVE IT!
  • Our stand is that ALL other modern Bible versions (PER-versions!) are inferior to the Authorized Version and have errors in them - i.e. NIV, NKJV, GNB, RSV, NASV etc.
  • We are committed to evangelism and produce Christian literature at cost price. We try to encourage others to take an active part in their own church.

Through our newsletter TfT News!, we deal with important issues that are at the forefront of church life and also comment on things going on in this sin-sick world! Are YOU on our mailing list?

The name 'Time for Truth!' indicates the need for the hour! (Donna came up with this appropriate name!)

What are our aims...

  • Our number one priority is to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and have a close walk and relationship with Him.
  • Our aims are to encourage all Christians to reach the lost souls of this world with the Gospel.
  • To read, study, live and teach the Scriptures 'dispensationally.'
  • To make Christians aware of the problems with modern Bibles and to turn the church back to the Authorized Version!
  • To warn Christians of the deception that is creeping into the church!
  • To equip Christians to combat error e.g. Calvinism, women in leadership, 'signs and wonders,' etc. through our newsletter 'TfT News!'
  • To support Bible believing missionaries!
  • To keep us all looking up for the Lord Jesus Christ's return i.e. the Rapture; which is imminent!

Are you ready?

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