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John Davis

A Brief Introduction...

Born 18th January 1971, I grew up in Oakley, a small village near Clapham, just outside Bedford (John Bunyan country!). My family moved to Kidderminster (Richard Baxter country!) when I was 10 & we have stayed there ever since. I had a very average education as I wasn’t very academic & chose sport over ‘everything’. I was brought up in an atheistic home & never had the Scriptures read to me. I do remember the first time I ever picked up a Bible, I was nine years old & was sitting in a mobile classroom; I picked up the Bible & read the first page, convincing myself that one day I would read this Book from cover to cover – nine years later I achieved my ‘goal’ (I have been reading the Bible now for over twenty years & still haven’t even scratched the surface of the deepest Book, man has ever possessed.).

On May 4th1989 I became a Christian & from that moment on, I wanted to follow & serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. Getting saved REALLY changed my life. From the moment I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me of all my sins, I tried to put Him first in EVERYTHING. That means I put Him first in sport, business, my family life, relationships, ambitions etc…my whole life: He comes first. Col 1v18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

The year 1989 proved a very good year for me, not only in regard to getting saved, but it was the year I met Donna whom I would eventually marry five years later! In 1997 we started our ministry ‘Time for Truth!’ – Its main thrust/purpose was getting the Gospel out in tract form to sinners! For a detailed account of the last ten years, in regard to ‘Time for Truth!’, I would highly recommend getting a copy of ‘The Ministry Years’ OR read some of our newsletters online here on the website. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, so please email me… [email protected]. Personally, my goal in life now really hasn’t changed much, I want to get as close to Jesus Christ as I can & reach as many lost souls as possible before the Rapture happens (which could be anytime NOW!!!).

My vocation is serving the Lord; my avocation is being director at JDA! It will always be that way, He comes first! I hope & pray that as we have now set up this website many Christians will be challenged to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord & increase their work in reaching the lost souls of this world before it’s too late.

I shall also continue to take a stand upon the Authorized Version Bible as being 100% PERFECT i.e. without error, no matter who it offends or upsets.

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