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Pastor of Grace and Truth Baptist Church


I am Lordson Roch, I pastor the Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Goa India.


Being born in a Roman Catholic family, from my childhood days I desired to be a priest. I was almost going to be trained in the seminaries for priesthood but strong poverty at home forced me to work at a minor age. In the year 2000 Jan 21st I heard the GOSPEL and  John 14v6 – ‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me’ came alive to me and I was under great conviction by the Holy Spirit where I cried like a baby, asked for forgiveness and asked Jesus to save me - a wretched sinner. Great joy and peace filled my soul as the Lord forgave me and washed me with HIS precious blood and made me HIS child. I have NEVER regretted even once of being a Christian since then.

I was running away from His Call to service but God in His great mercy confirmed to me from HIS Holy word Ephesians 4v1 – ‘I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called’ since then there was NO turning back. I graduated from the Bible College with BTH and B.Div degrees which always corrected the Authorized Version. I thank the Lord after my graduation He brought the right books and right people in my life that built my foundation strong in the AV 1611. I believe the AV 1611 is the perfect preserved inspired word of God for the English speaking world. The MAN the Lord greatly used to influence my life is Brother John Davis.

I currently pastor the Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Goa India which by the grace of God was started by me from scratch with five believers, and since then has gradually grown to fifty believers. We are small BUT young and bold. We are always exited to see God working in and through our lives and ministry. I also often travel to different churches around India preaching and teaching and encouraging the believers, youths and pastors.

The Lord graciously brought me in contact with Brother John Davis who is my mentor and one of the finest Christians ever I have come across. He has been a great blessing and great support to me and the ministry here. He has been kind to me in making me a Time for Truth! team member. I enjoy working and serving the Lord and HIS people with the Time for Truth! team. Time for Truth! is the best team in the world! We in TfT! are striving for the faith and are contenders of faith.

Lordson Roch

TfT! Team Member

Lordson Roch's Testimony


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