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James White, D.A.Waite, Dr DiVietro etc.


The articles below are written by Bible-Believing-Christians such as Dr. Alan O'Reilly and Peter Heisey counter-attack to the White's, Waite's and DiVietro's attack on the AV!

KJO Review Full Text - White's fraudulent claims against the 1611 Holy Bible refuted in detail!

James White's 7 Errors - 'White lies' against 7 passages of Scripture refuted in detail!

James White and the King James Only Controversy Summary Overview

Remarks on the Moorman/White debate

The Incompetence of James White

D.A. Waite Response - Refutation of Dr D.A. Waite's false teaching of 'originals-onlyism' and of his attack on Gail Riplinger and her book Hazardous Materials that warns against corrupted Greek/Hebrew so-called study aids.

Seven aspects of 'the Greek'  & Seven aspects of 'in the Greek' - the heresy of Waite's 'Greek-onlyism'/'originals-onlyism' EXPOSED!

Waiting for Dr.Waite - Detailed information on D.A. Waite's double-speak regarding Greek texts and the King James Bible

Refutation of Waite's adding to God's words

Analyzing the DBS article of faith on the Bible

Translation from the King James Bible

The Nonsense of David Cloud

A Lamb or the Lamb - Evaluating Dr. HD Williams' Rev 14v1

Yes, The King James Bible is Perfect - A Biblical Repsonse to Bible Critics

Answers to the Wolf-Man Part 1 and Part 2 (John Wolf) Matthew 7v15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Please see below Dr Alan O'Reilly's rebuttal of Dr Kirk DiVietro's attack on Gail Riplinger's Hazardous Materials: Dr Kirk DiVietro, a member of Dr D.A. Waite's Dean Burgon Society, DBS, Executive Committee, purports in his book Cleaning-up Hazardous Materials to have refuted Gail Riplinger's book Hazardous Materials that warns of untrustworthy Greek/Hebrew so-called study aids. Alan O'Reilly's work Flotsam Flush reveals and rebukes the superficial, misleading and unscriptural nature of Cleaning-Up.

Reply to DiVietro's attack on Gail Riplinger - Flotsam Flush

Seven Stage Purification Process - Oil Refinery - in answer to the AV1611 Critics

Propitiation - Based on reply to DiVietro's Attack on Gail Riplinger













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