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Will Kinney's articles on the AV issue

Why we should use the AV ONLY!



I John 5v7 – these three are one

Is Acts 8v37 inspired Scripture?

Why italics in the KJB

What about foreign language Bibles?

The New Vatican Versions - Missing Verses

No LXX - The Fictitious use of the so-called Greek Septuagint

Answering the anti-KJB sites

What about the “New! NIV of 2011

The Spirit Itself

"Spirit" or "sprit"?

Have some of God’s words been lost - I Samuel 13v1

Chicago Statement on Inerrancy = Mumbo Jumbo

God’s persistent witness to the Absolute standard of written truth – the King James Holy Bible

Is KJB Onlyism Spiritual

Unicorns in the KJB

Pastor with no infallible Bible - John McArthur

Who was Cainan - Luke 3v36

Strain at a gnat - Matthew 23v24

Modern Versions teach pride as a virtue

Who is the ruler of this world, God or Satan?

What about Young’s literal

      God save the king

      The profession of our faith - Hebrews 10v23

      "And shalt be" - Revelation 16v5

       Did Jesus Lie? - John 7v8 

       Is it inspired Scripture or not? - Matthew 23v14

       "Them that trust in riches..." - Mark 10v24

       "Corrupt" or "peddle" the word of God

        John 3v13 - Which is in heaven

        "The only begotten son" or "the one and only son"

        "Do His commandments" or "wash their robes"? 

        Colossians 2v18 & the Bible Babble Buffet Versions

        Deuteronomy 33v2 & the Bible Babble Buffet Versions

       Hebrews 4v4 - "IF they shall enter into my rest"

       Modern Vatican Versions:

        Luke 23:42 and 1 Corinthians 15:47

        Romans 14v10-12

        Is your Bible one of the new Vatican Versions?

       Vatican Versions reject the Hebrew texts

       1 Peter 2v2 and the Vatican Versions

       Super Capitals in the King James Bible


Some of Will Kinney's articles regarding James White:

Answering James White – Which KJV

Response to James White’s program

James White’s inferior texts - Jude 4

      Turtle observed pineth away - James White Follies

       Mark 9v18 - More of James White's Follies

Godhead or Deity – Is James White right

James White and Revelation 16v5

The Protestant Pope of the new Vatican Versions - James White

Is James White right about Westcott and Hort and the modern "Vatican Versions"?

Philippians 2v6-7 - Not robbery to be equal with God



       Easter is correct!

       What about those printing errors

GOD manifest in the flesh - I Tim 3v16

Can a translation be inspired

Every man for himself Versionism

Is the NKJV the same as the KJB?

God forbid

Jeremiah 8v8 pen of the scribes is in vain

True Bible or False bible

Lucifer or Morning Star

Psalm 46 and Shakespeare  

      Wrong Numbers in the Modern Versions

      Scripture or not - Luke 17v36

      Catholics and the King James Bible...

      Is your bible a Catholic bible - Matt 6v13 & Luke 1v2-4

      Is your bible a Catholic bible - Part 2

      Is your bible a Catholic bible - What about Mary?

      What Muslims are saying about our Bible

      "The Bible is NOT the infallible words of God"

       Did God tempt Abraham? - Genesis 22v1

       How tall was Goliath - I Samuel 17v4

       Oldest and Best Manuscripts

       What about the NIV 2011 Old Testament?

       Alpha and Omega - Revelation 1v1-8

       Hasting unto the coming of the day of God

       Revelation 17v8 and YET IS

Undeniable Proof the ESV, NIV, NASB, NET

Undeniable Proof the ESV, NIV, NASB, NET Part 2

What about the ESV Bibles?

Where was the word of God before 1611

       Deficiencies of the Geneva Bible

       Study or be diligent - 2 Timothy 2v15

       Is "Chairty" an error in the KJB?

       Does the KJV Only position "blow up?"

       Modern Versions Degrade the Lord Jesus Christ

       Textual Criticism in Romans

       Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of - Luke 9v54-56 -

        Is the word "testament" incorrect?

       The Holman Christian Standard Perversion

      Matthew 12 v40 - "in the belly of the whale, the big fish, or the sea monster?"

      John 5v3-4 - The troubling of the water

      Psalm 138v2 - "magnified thy word ABOVE all thy name"

       The book of I Samuel and the so called "science" of textual criticism

      Genesis 22v8 - God will provide HIMSELF a lamb     

      Satan's religion of works & modern versions - part 1, 2 & 3

       Fine Linen Righteousness - Revelation 19v8

       Revelation 17v6 - "wonder with admiration"

       Is the word "steel" an error in the KJB?

       I Samuel 13 & the Bible Babble Buffet Versions

       Revelation 13 & the Bible Babble Buffet Versions

       Are King James Bible believers "idolaters?"

       JW Revised New World Translation

       James White says Luke 23:34 is not inspired Scripture








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