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Selected Studies with Version Comparison

A lot of Christians today think that there aren't any differences between Bible versions, yet there are over 60,000 changes from the AV to the NIV alone! Below are some of Dr. Alan O'Reilly's studies on version comparisons....

English Reformation to Last Days Apostasy - To and From the AV1611

New Testament Salvation vs New Version Damnation

AV1611 vs NIV & Salvation vs Damnation (Abridged Version)

AV1611 Authority - Absolute

The Book of the LORD - Salient Points

I AM - Studies in Exodus 3, John 8, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, Revelation 1

God’s Judgement, Grace and Mercy - Studies in Lamentations 5, Psalm 80, Ezekiel 36, Isaiah 64, 62, 2, 11, 35, 7, 9, Exodus 14, Joshua 6, Acts 9 and Essentials for Revival

Studies in Proverbs - The Fear of the Lord, Wisdom, The word of God, Trust, Truth

Variant Readings in Exodus 15

The Lord a Man of War - Exodus 15

Version Comparison - Psalm 7v1-17

The Lord - The Judge Study 1 and 2 - Psalm 7

First and Second Advents - Historical/Prophetical Parallels

The Fall - Genesis 3

God’s Questions – Studies in Job 1, 2, Isaiah 40, 1 Kings 19, Jonah 4 
First Advent - Matthew 2v1-12
Wise men from the east - Matthew 2v1 (from study on the First Advent)

John 6v15-21 - The Lord Stills the Storm

John 19v14-22 - Behold your King!
Revelation 17v14 & 19v11-16 - King of kings and Lord of lords!
Psalm 2 – The Lord is King

Why the KJV ONLY!
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